Siding & Insulation

Siding is present in over 50% of Canadian homes.

Siding & Insulation

Siding is present in over 50% of Canadian homes. Different materials, colours and profiles make the choices virtually endless. New siding can give your home a brand new look very quickly. But looks are not all since it is an important barrier between your home and the elements such as high winds, water and temperature variation. So choosing the best new siding for your house may not be a simple task. Here are some of the options we are proud to offer:


Once a very popular material used as siding, aluminum is ever less used as such because new materials came in scene, making evident some of its disadvantages: it dents and scratches easily, repairs can be costly as the need to be professionally done and, colour fades due to weather exposure. Though it can be refinished this is not recommended as the paint can peel off.

On the other hand it has very good wind resistance, it has a long lifetime since it does not rust or rot and, its non-combustable meeting fire code requirements.

Manufacturers have discontinued most options and the remaining are restricted to a few colours and profiles.

However, Amazon Eavestroughing manufactures custom aluminum siding in a number of different profiles for small projects such as entryways and bay windows.


A high end product used in designer projects. Longboard is aluminum soffit and siding available in a wide range of woodgrain and solid colour finishes. The wood grain and solid colours applied to Longboard are AMMA 2604/2605 certified, this gives our finishes superior resistance to weathering in the critical areas of colour and gloss retention. Amongst its benefits are high wind and scratch resistant, non-combustable and rust proof. Its only disadvantage is high cost. More info at


Vinyl siding is the most used material because of its lower cost and it has come a long way in terms of durability. Many options of colour and profiles are available and it can be made to look like wood, stone, shingles, shakes and more. It simple to install and new colouring techniques are UV and fade resistant so it will keep looking great for decades. Perhaps the most versatile siding in the market today. It is scratch resistant, rust proof and it cleans easily with a garden hose. Repairs can be done with ease but keep in mind this is a combustible material and does not meet fire code requirements.


Long used it remains as a great choice as exterior siding. Its renewable and environmentally friendly, installs easily and has great weather resistance. It can be stained, painted or left natural for great appearance as well as it can be refinished many times. And while different materials try to imitate it, this is the real deal with natural wood grains and aroma. This is considered a premium product and it certainly costs more than aluminum but it is expected to last a lifetime. Since its a combustible material it does not meet fire code requirements.


Often used in commercial and industrial applications steel siding has great advantages in modern residential projects as well. Large panels make for easy and seamless installations. Very resistant to weather and long lifetime is expected but spot rust can occur if scratched. It can also be used in roofing applications. Many colours and profiles are available. It is a non-combustible material and cost is similar or a bit more than that of aluminum siding.


Space heating accounts in average for 60% of residential energy Canadians use. When insulation behind the walls is deficient, this translates into high heating costs. No better way to address this issue is by adding insulation panels behind your new siding. Amazon Eavestroughing offers high density styrofoam insulation that adds R5 per inch of thickness to help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Because not all insulation are the same it is important to look at the R-Value. That is how much thermal barrier it offers. Low density styrofoam is no match in terms of delivering good insulation and it certainly costs less. We will help guide you through the process of choosing the right one for your needs.

Here is a great article on home insulation efficiency


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