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Repairs and Maintenance

Did you know that most of the eavestrough problems occur from lack of maintenance and cleaning?

Aging eavestrough can hold water, become leaky, loose and eventually detached from the house.

We advise our clients to have inspected, cleaned and repaired their eaves at least once a year to avoid prevent major problems that may damage the roof, brick or siding, flood the basement, create ice dams or worse.

Some aluminum eaves can be repaired and, in most cases the replacement of the entire system is not necessary. To avoid unnecessary costs arrange a visit with our professional team of technicians for a full eavestrough inspection and cleaning today.

 As an experienced Toronto eavestrough company we know that he most common repairs to an existing system are Reattachment, Reinforcement and Realignment. They consist of, respectively: re-securing loose eavestrough to the fascia board; reinforce the eavestrough using bracket hangers and; realigning a section of the eavestrough that is holding water toward the nearest downpipe (or to a new downpipe).

We provide a 3-year workmanship warranty on repairs done to an existing system.