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Leaf Guard

Leaf Guard is a solution for clients who have trees around their homes. Amazon Eavestroughing uses Alu-Rex products for their outstanding performance. It prevents leaves and other debris from clogging the eavestrough and downpipes. It also strengths the eavestrough system and can prevent damage from ice and falling branches. And it does all that while remaining invisible from the ground.

Amazon Eavestroughs offers a 10-year workmanship warranty with every new installation fitted with Alu-Rex system. That is because we believe this product will out perform a standard installation.

Leaf Guard can be made to fit an existing eavestrough system. Our skilled technicians can recommend if Leaf Guard is suitable for your eavestrough system. While in theory all Leaf Guards are supposed to do the same thing (keeping leaves out of the eavestrough) they are not all the same. Many products that do not work as advertised have marred the field and often homeowners are not willing to take the risk. That is why we chose a proven brand that is superior in quality and performance and it does not cost a lot of money (no more that 50% of the cost of standard eavestroughs).

Leaf Guard will greatly reduce or eliminate maintenance required to your eavestrough system. However, in some heavily treed areas a sweep off the top of the guard can be necessary, as well as sweeping off the roof. Under a full canopy of trees there is just not enough wind for them to self clean. Still Leaf Guard makes it for a much easier cleaning and always keeps the eavestrough under the guard flowing freely including the downpipes.