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Downspout Disconnection Program

As climate change is about to bring ever more powerful storms in the future, some municipalities have decided homeowners should disconnect their downpipes from the sewer system. It makes little sense to drain rainwater into the sewers in a heavy storm, as it can overload the system causing back ups and damage. Some programs are now in place to phase in these changes and homeowners that do not comply are at risk of facing fines.

Amazon Eavestroughing offers consulting services and solutions to these homeowners in re-routing downpipes above ground, in order to comply with these changes.

In most cases, rerouting or relocating a downpipe is a simple task and makes perfect sense. A patch of lawn or garden can be a suitable place to drain rainwater and potentially save in irrigation costs.

If no viable options are present, you will also be let known and you should let your municipality know as well.

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