Prepare Your Eavestroughs for Winter

prepare eavestroughs,trees in winter

As an eavestrough repair and cleaning company, we are helping home owners in Toronto and Mississauga by ensuring that their homes can endure the most punishing weather conditions that are common in our area.

While our last blog post was about cleaning your gutters and preparing your home to deal with Ontario’s summer storms, this time we’d like to help you prepare for winter.

Eavestrough maintenance before winter

Though doing eavestrough maintenance is a good idea all year round, it is becoming crucial before winter. The reason for this is that without a working eavestrough system, your house can accumulate heavy loads of snow and ice and this can cause some serious damage.

Here is a short list of things that you can do today:

  • Clean your eavestroughs. Check to see if there are leaves, branches or any other type of debris on the gutters. Carefully remove them if you find any.
  • Check your eavestroughs for any visible damage, cracks, bends or twists. If you find any of these, try to assess whether or not it can cause water to spill or ice to clog in these areas. You’ll need to take action and get it fixed if this is the case.
  • Check downspouts and all pipes that are connected to your eavestroughs. Do they look like they’ll let large amounts of water flow through them? If not – again, you’ll have to get it fixed soon.
  • Check for trees around your home that have a potential to fall down and damage your roof. Even just a branch can cause a great amount of damage. If you do find trees that are in close proximity, consider installing a leaf guard. This will protect your gutters from leaves that can clog it during the winter.
  • If you had previously experienced ice accumulation in certain areas of your roof and gutters, consider installing de-icing cables. These cables will warm problematic areas and prevent ice from forming and damaging your roof.

Contact Amazon Eavestroughing if you have any questions about how to prepare your eavestroughs for winter.