Gutter Maintenance Tips for Toronto Homeowners

Need to clean or fix your eavestroughs-

As an eavestrough company that serves homeowners in the greater Toronto area, we regularly encounter issues that could have been prevented had the owners took a few simple preventative steps.

Small rain gutter issues tend to grow if neglected

Did you notice any small change to your gutters? Something that can lead to a leak?

Small issues like that tend to grow if you don’t take care of them. Rain gutters are usually made out of metal. These materials may start to accumulate corrosion as a result of structural damage. Once the process starts, gutters condition will just keep deteriorating.

The negative consequences of leaky or non-functioning gutters are too much of a risk. The best thing to do is to have your gutter fixed as soon as you notice the damage.

Nature is not always on your side

In the Toronto area, it’s easy to identify natural causes that work against any homeowner with a gutter system that doesn’t work well.

The large amounts of precipitation that we experience here during all four seasons causes small rain gutter problem to quickly deteriorate in to bigger ones.

Another “natural” cause of problems is the abundance of trees in many of our neighborhoods around Toronto. Leaves from the trees tend to fall or drift in to rain gutters, thus clogging them and causing potential hazard.

Being aware of these natural causes should prompt you to take action and prevent future damage.

Use proven techniques to preserve your gutters

  • The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your gutters are clean. No leaves or other debris should be inside the rain gutters.
  • Observe your rain gutters for cracks and signs of potential leaking. Such areas should be sealed or replaced with new material.
  • Any spikes or screws that are not properly fastened should be replaced.
  • Check all gutter connections to ensure proper flow of water in the pipes.
  • Consider installing a leaf-guard to prevent leaves from entering and clogging your rain gutters.

Know when to call  for professional help

Some of the above recommendations may be hard or even dangerous for you to perform by yourself. Use caution and common sense to determine whether or not you need to call professionals to help you. We’ll be happy to help as one of Toronto’s premier eavestroughing company.



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