Gutter Cleaning – Getting Ready for Toronto’s Summer Storms

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On May 18 this year, Ontario cities and towns had experienced severe thunderstorms including strong winds, excessive amounts of rain and in some cases hail. The storm came after days of high temperature, sometimes above 30 degrees, which caused storm conditions to develop. The storm caused damage to homes and vehicles across the province.

Damaging storm slams cities in Ontario 

Extreme weather conditions are common during spring and early summer in Ontario. Residents of cities around Toronto experienced another hail storm on June 25 and June 26.
Summer hail storm in the greater Toronto area

This storm brought strong winds and large hail – sometimes up to a dime size.

Toronto, Mississauga and other GTA cities had only a short time to recover before another hail storm on July 7th brought even larger hail to these cities.
Large hail in July, summer storm in the GTA

As residents of Ontario continuously experience throughout this summer, extreme weather is not so rare in this area. While some of the damage that these conditions cause to homes is obvious, other forms of damage are less visible and should not be overlooked.

Large amounts of precipitation overload home’s eavestrough / gutter systems, testing their capacity with amounts that may be larger than what they were designed for.

This can be especially damaging If eavestroughs are not clean and water can’t easily flow through the gutters. Hail presents another problem as it tends to accumulate and create areas of heavy load over certain points in the roof or in the eavestroughs.

The only rational thing to do as a home owner in Toronto, Mississauga and other cities in the area is to regularly check your gutters and make sure that they are clean. You never know when the next hail storm is coming.